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David Johnson: Understanding & Overcoming Anxiety Posted by James Rick on Jul 25, 2012

In this episode of the Full Potential Show, James Rick interviews David Johnson, principal and founder of the Freedom from Fear Counseling Center. He is a student of Dr. Claire Weeks, who helped him to overcome anxiety and agoraphobia. He was cured by her techniques and has been able to improve and create a simpler presentation of her teachings to help other people overcome, not mental illness, but nervous illness. He believes that anxiety sufferers need to have their symptoms described to them in a non-clinical manner so that they understand what they are going through.

Some keys that David shares regarding overcoming anxiety suffering is:

1. Learn how to face symptoms with understanding and not react to them.
2. Give yourself permission to let go in response to those symptoms.
3. Put your mind into neutral and work from outside the box.
4. Let time pass.

David Johnson lives in New Zealand. You can find out more at www.healing-anxiety.com.

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