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Unleash Your Full Potential

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  • Maria, BirminghamMaria, BirminghamEngland

    Dear James , just wanted to say how lovely it was to meet you at Jo's on Thursday . It was truly a beautiful evening , as you could tell I was a little cautious at the start at of the evening as you never know what your heart and mind will throw up at you ! What was truly lovely and surprising was how non invasive you made the evening , we didn't have to bare our souls or tell our "stories " unless we wanted to . You created a safe place for us to listen to our heart and souls and asked our minds to listen . Thank you so much for allowing me to get home safe and sound , and giving me the confidence to trust .... In Jo for inviting us ,in you for allowing me to listen and in God and the universe .....wishing you peace and happiness in your heart always ..

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  • Precky GPrecky GPhilippines

    If only you knew how it changed my outlook on pain James. I am forever grateful that I have undergone such experience. . have learned to embrace pain and have learned each time from it. . To be focused on the present and maximize it.. and whenever another wave of pain came, acceptance of the bitter truth sets me free. . If heart clearing is a form of medicine I will take it everyday. . And if I can fully master it like you do, I'd be glad to share it to those who need it. . So thank you very much.

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  • Lota SamonteLota SamontePhilippines

    Before my Heart Clearing experience with James, I used to carry around all my heartaches and pains that have accumulated over the years due to different circumstances in life. Imagine how heavy that is. My friends sometimes can feel that negative energy no matter how I smile and I myself can feel the baggage.

    During my heart clearing, I was able to cry out all the pains and James helped me learn the process of letting go. I used to drink first so I can cry, now I can cry anytime if I felt pain. Overtime, I learn how to let go easily.

    Now, I feel a lot lighter and happier. My energy or aura is more vibrant and I’m not afraid to face and go through pain in life. Because if we process the pain and cry, we don’t have any reason to carry it around with us anymore and we are able to move on.

    When we have a clear heart, we can feel love even more. And by that, we are able to share it to more people and touch their aching hearts. :)

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  • KurlyKurlyBirmingham, England

    Sometimes words just touch the surface of expression for what one actually wishes to convey. lol
    Thank you. For seeing what I wasn't. For helping me look at it. For providing the safe,,,,no much more than that, space, and holding my hand through it. I can't ever remember holding eye contact in that manner with anyone - incredibly powerful, humbling and deeply touching. For saying the words that I needed to hear from someone to help me along my journey to love and self love. sometimes the the most unexpected blessings land in our laps and your crossing my path is definitely one.

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  • Jo SimpsonJo SimpsonBirmingham, England

    Huge Gratitude to James - On Monday I had the delight of sitting next to him at the magical wedding of Alex and Emma - on Tuesday, I did a 1 to 1 heart cleansing session with him (most powerful and profound healing, I have ever done!! EVER!) by Thursday, I was hosting an extremely powerful workshop for 12 friends in my lounge and on Friday, Simon and I did a joint relationship session - James is now on his way back to Costa Rica, but I highly recommend following him (For me, this blows mindfulness out of the water - why on earth, would we not go straight to the heart? and yes, I did go there - I went through the bridges of fire and after being exhausted yesterday, I am now at a deep sense of peace)

    Next time you are in the UK James, I will be shouting from the rooftops and will perhaps need a bigger house - big love my friend.

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  • Sarah DSarah DCosta Rica

    I have been an empath, highly sensitive my whole life. I struggled with absorbing the thoughts and feelings of others. Thru the years, I learned to put up walls to not feel all the pain, sadness & fear in my environment. It became more & more difficult for me to go out in public. James cleared my heart. He showed me not to be afraid to feel feelings -- to feel them and release them. He showed me that love is more powerful. I now, feel more connected with my sacred sense of purpose. In this beautiful heart space, we are all connected.

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  • Erika M.Erika M.Philippines

    Before the heart clearing session, there were days that I would feel depressed. I couldn't even explain why but I just felt that something was missing. It was getting worse every day. I was desperate to divert my attention and make myself busy. But every night, when I am about to sleep, the empty feeling in my chest keeps me awake. I had to listen to music to clear my head or at least, not hear the thoughts in my head. It's been more than a week since my heart clearing session and I don't remember feeling down since that day. I feel more alive now and good things are starting to come my way.

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  • Saya B.Saya B.Bali

    I told the story to people around that were so surprised to see me refreshed and could definitely see a difference in me! and i keep getting asked about you! I'm truly grateful of what you have done with me - I still have some of the dreams but it's definitely less and I'm learning how to control and not be stressed by them. :)

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  • BirgitBirgitAmsterdam

    I was just thinking about you and what all happened yesterday....thank you for coming to us! It was a nice journey with you as facilitator. You touched me by being so present, open hearted and being in touch with your surroundings. I would love to attend more of your workshops to learn how you work with people. I believe and experienced that this is better than any therapy or medicine. I actually wish to work with people this way too.
    I have this song made up for the children and one of the lyrics is "life your life in the full potential" and I get mister full potential in my house, makes me smile!

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‘Unleash Your Full Potential’ the Blog!


If you’ve only got a few minutes and you want to get a quick one million miles

overview of what we’re going to cover this is it!


The first thing you’ll need for your life is a vision of how it could be better. I suggest looking at ways to optimize and maximize your life in the 7 major life areas: Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, Socially, Emotionally, Financially and in your Environment

What would you include in these categories and what would it look like if you were operating at a level 10 in all 7 major life areas?


Next you want to get some emotional teeth into the vision by listing out all the reasons why a level 10 in each area would make life more enjoyable. When you feel like you’ve listed out all the reasons why you’ll be driven to make it happen, list some more.


Now it’s time to really change your life.. based on your vision, what action or actions could you perform each day that would help you optimize in that area.. and that you feel good about doing. What’s key here is that you are really looking forward to doing them.. even if they are challenging or difficult.

For example.. one action might be to exercise every day.. that will help you move towards a level 10 Physically.. but there are so many more options for exercise than going to a gym. I roll out of bed and do jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, high knees etc. these are things that I can do anytime / anywhere. Keep that in mind when you form your routines, you want to create routines that take away the excuses before you begin.

So after you have created the perfect routine.. think about what activities you could do in the morning, afternoon and at night. And consider how much time each activity might take. Consider how you’re going to actually fit it into your current life.. or what you’d need to get rid of in your current life in order to make room for the perfect routine.

If you have trouble coming up with key things you can do in your routine, I have an acronym called: A MANGO , I use.. living in Costa Rica near a Mango tree of course I would.

A = Appreciation
M = Meditation (Breathing and Mindfulness)
A = Activation (Intense heart-pumping physical activity for 20 minutes)
N = No’s (What 3 Things are you going to say NO to today to free it up)
G = Grow’s (How do you intend to grow today? What do you want to learn?)
O = Objectives (What are your top 3 goals / outcomes or objectives for today?)

By starting with A MANGO .. you will have a very strong foundation upon which to realize your full potential in the rest of the day.

The perfect routine might change over time but the formula remains the same: a vision for a level 10 life in the 7 major life areas, listing out all the reasons that will motivate you, designing the perfect routine.


Here’s a little bonus , especially in today’s age with all the distractions of technology.. you can actually make technology work for you , WHEN you are using the right technology :)

Whether you’re on a Android or IOS mobile device, you can go into the app store right now and type in ‘habit tracker’ and you’ll find all kinds of habit tracking apps to get you started. Find the one that seems like the most fun to you and start testing it out with your new daily routine!

The best part about using a habit tracker is that it can reinforce the activities you want to do on a daily basis, trigger you to do them, and every time you go to mark one of the items complete, you’ll be subconsciously seeing all the others that will work their way into your consciousness.


In order for life as a game to be fun you can’t expect perfect.. especially when you’re just beginning. I recommend shooting for around 70% completing of your daily tasks.. this way you are easier on yourself .. and you don’t get burnt out.. especially if you try to overdo it at first.

When I setup my first ‘perfect routine’ it started out simple, grew to become a monster.. that I feared even opening the daily routine app because it felt like it had become my slave master. Let your feelings be your guide, be kind to yourself, give yourself ‘off’ days .. and use it more as a guidance system rather than the ruler of your life.

That’s it! With this tips .. you can start upgrading your life immediately! Now one thing you’ll want to make sure you do is subscribe and incorporate the insights you’ll get from FullPotential.com into your daily ‘Grows’ .. this is how you reprogram yourself from the inside out with what I feel is the absolute best content for upgrading your potential in the shortest amount fo time.

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